Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If you're looking for Chris Brown "Goodbye" song, you'll find it here. However, do not hurry to leave our site. You have a chance to win an Apple Ipod or a Microsoft Zune, and Chris Brown's music will always be with you. All you have to do is to tell us if you're a Chris Brown's fan or not.
Do You Like Chris Brown's Songs?

Tina out, Rihanna in?
Is it 'Tina out and Rihanna in' in singer Chris Brown's life? At least, that is what it appears. Brown recently fired his manager Tina Davis after media ...

Jessica Simpson Tries Daisy Dukes, Oprah, Rihanna & Chris Brown
By Leslie Warren Oprah Winfrey talks to Rihanna and tells her on Chris Brown, "He will hit you again." Is that the sad truth? Oprah will explore it on her ...

It's so hard to email goodbye
A goodbye handled properly can even help with the job search. When Kristin Brown lost her job at a mid-size PR firm due to downsizing, she spoke highly of ...

Chris Brown faces felony charges for Rihanna assault
Even if Rihanna does takes him back, Chris Brown might as well "Kiss Kiss" his career goodbye "Forever" for knocking Rihanna from "Wall to Wall" and ...

Rhianna Should Say Goodbye to Chris Brown
Chris Brown faces a judge in LA on Wednesday after allegedly beating up his girlfriend, “Umbrella” singer Rhianna. They are now staying together at the ...

There's an Art to the Memos from Laid-Off Co-Workers
When Jim Neill got laid off, he sent around a farewell e-mail with a subject line designed to get people's attention: 'Free food in the employee lounge.' Then Neill, who had been with the National Association of Manufacturers for years, left 'em laughing.

For laid-off workers, so hard to e-mail goodbye
When Jim Neill got laid off, he sent around a farewell e-mail with a subject line designed to get people's attention: "Free food in the employee lounge."

Chris Brown police files posted; Robin Williams needs heart surgery; Brad Pitt dazzles D.C.; and more: The Morning After
Bob Chamberlin/Associated PressSinger Chris Brown appears in a Los Angeles County courtroom on assault charges March 5. TMZ has posted a "blow-by-blow" account of Chris Brown's alleged assault on Rihanna in what the site says are Los Angeles police documents...

Has the Media Made Domestic Violence a Form of Entertainment?
Philadelphia, PA (BlackNews.com) - Domestic violence is no stranger to Essence best-selling author Brenda L. Thomas who, after having success with several novels decided to pen her memoir, Laying Down My Burdens . After ending a violent marriage of 15 years, during which her husband threatened her with death if she were to ever pen her story, Ms. Thomas is speaking out on the violence that ...

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